Enjoy your vacation in France and in Europe with your travel SIM

Enjoy your vacation in France and in Europe with your travel SIM

Staying in touch and sharing experiences while on holiday is easy with the Bouygues Telecom prepaid SIM card!

card sim tourist

Get 20GB of data to use in France, 15GB of which can be used in Europe, for €39.90

Content of the offer for staying connected while on holiday in France and Europe

SIM kit including a triple cut SIM card, a guide in 10 languages, a parisian subway map, an Eiffel Tower SIM ejector, stickers and souvenir keychains.

datas mobile

20GB of mobile data valid

Including 15GB usable in Europe (connection sharing included)

Unlimited calls & texts

Unlimited calls & texts

Unlimited calls & texts in France and in Europe (1)

25€ credit included

25€ credit included

for calls and texts to international
and French overseas department numbers(2)

minutes included for landlines calls
( €/min)
minutes included for mobile calls
( €/min)


Call & text credit expires
30 days after first use(3)

Setting up and using your prepaid holiday SIM card

*your handset must be SIM card-unlocked

It's easy !

prepaid sim etape

Insert your SIM card
into your phone


Make the most
of your plan

Where can top-ups be purchased?

In any one of these many retail outlets

Bouygues Telecom<br>store

Bouygues Telecom

Tobacconists (and press shop ">

Tobacconists ("Tabac")
and press shop

"Relay" shops

I would like to order my SIM card

Calling numbers inside
and outside france

If you’re calling
outside France

Dial "00" or "+",
then the country code
(e.g. 34 for Spain),

and then the number of
the person you’re calling,
without the initial "0".

If you’re calling
inside France

Dial the number without the country code.


If someone
wants to call you

They must

dial "00" or "+",

then "33" for France,

and then your telephone number without the initial 0.

Useful numbers

(in French only)

Answer phone


660 24/7



Customer services*


from a mobile phone



from a fixed line

You need more informations ? Click here

In France. Offer valid : 30 days after the first use.

(1) Communications (excluding short phonenumber, special phonenumber, SMS + and MMS +) for private use between 2 people. Unlimited calls and SMS in Metropolitan France to Metropolitan France and from Europe / French overseas department (DOM) to Metropolitan France / Europe / French overseas department (DOM). Unlimited MMS subject to a positive Internet envelope. Calls will be deducted by the second from the first second (excluding special phonenumber).

(2) Excludes calls made outside France, short and premium numbers, SMS+ and MMS+. Calls to international numbers are charged in 30-second increments after the first minute. Calls to French overseas departments are charged in one-second increments after the first second. Terms & conditions, list of destinations and call rates on bouyguestelecom.fr. Price guide

(3) Unlimited offers and call & text credit expire 30 days after first use. Line expires 12 months after the last top-up. Line is cancelled automatically and telephone number is annulled after the expiry date of the line. If no identification is given during the 30 days following the first connection, the line is cancelled.

Call 634 (in french) to get identified.

- To comply with government regulations you must provide Bouygues Telecom with your surname, name and address. This step is mandatory.

- Providing your personal information to our Customer Service implies that you have read and understood terms and conditions of Carte BouyguesTelecom

Europe :
Acores (Les), Aland (Iles), Allemagne, Andorre, Angleterre, Autriche, Baleares (Les), Belgique, Bulgarie, Canaries (Les), Chypre, Corfou, Crete, Croatie, Cyclades (Les), Danemark, Ecosse, Espagne, Estonie, Feroe (Iles), Finlande, Gibraltar, Grece, Guernesey, Hongrie, Irlande, Irlande du Nord, Islande, Italie, Jersey, Lettonie, Liechtenstein, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Madere, Malte, Man (Ile de), Norvege, Pays-Bas, Pays de Galles, Pologne, Portugal, Republique Tcheque, Rhodes (ile), Roumanie, Saint-Marin, Sardaigne, Sicile, Slovaquie, Slovenie, Suede, Vatican, Wight (ile de).